St. Clement Parish Prayer

Almighty Father, we join our voices together to sing your praise, Help us to grow stronger as a community of faith and action. Lord Jesus, you call each of us to spread the Good News of your salvation. Guide us to follow you and teach us the true meaning of your way.

Loving Spirit, open our hearts to the voice of our loving God. Give us the strength to be living witnesses of God, grace to in all in our parish, our neighborhood, our world.

Holy Trinity, we ask your blessings upon Saint Clement Parish. Protect us on our prayerful journey as we celebrate your everlasting love. Amen.

St. Clement Parish strives to…

  • Offer opportunities to meet and grow with each other as the Body of Christ.
  • Offer formal and informal opportunities for people to gather.
  • Provide age appropriate activities.
  • Engage the broader community to foster respect, compassion, and collaboration.
  • Offer a sense of fellowship to visitors.
  • Provide the Sacraments to the homebound.
  • Provide special visits by parish groups (P.S.R. blankets, School clean-up)
  • Encourage parishioners to inform the rectory when someone is seriously sick or in the hospital.
  • Provide ways of assisting people with special needs.
  • Communicate parish activities with the City of Lakewood.