Bulletin DateClue #Clue QuestionClue Answer
05/08/2022 1What is the founding date of St. Clement Church?St. Clement Church was established on April 27, 1922.
05/15/20222St. Clement is the patron saint of __?St. Clement is the Patron Saint of mariners & stonecutters.
05/22/20223When did St. Clement School merge with Lakewood Catholic Academy?St. Clement School merged with Lakewood Catholic Academy in June 2005.
05/29/20224Just as St. Peter was the 1st pope, St. Clement was __ (number) pope of the Roman Church? He was known as Pope Saint Clement I.St. Clement was the 4th Pope of the Roman Catholic Church.
06/05/20225Which religious community served St. Clement School from 1924 to 1992?The Sisters of St. Joseph served St. Clement School from 1924 until 1992.
06/12/20226Where is the statue of St. Clement located?The statue of St. Clement is located in front of the choir loft.
06/19/20227When was the St. Clement Adoration Chapel established?The St. Clement Church Adoration Chapel was established July 1982.
06/26/20228Where is the St. Clement Church cornerstone located? Bonus points of you can translate the inscription.The cornerstone of St. Clement Church is located on Lincoln Avenue on the southern corner of the church.
07/03/20229Who was the founding pastor of St. Clement Church?The founding pastor was Fr. Joseph J. Schmit.
07/17/202210When (establishment date) and where was the first Mass celebrated at St. Clement Church?The first Mass at St. Clement Church was celebrated December 25, 1922, in the church’s unfinished basement.
07/31/202211In what year did Fr. Alfred Winters become St. Clement Parish’s fifth Pastor?Fr. Alfred Winters became St. Clement Parish’s fifth pastor in 1986.
08/07/202212In 1972, during post-Vatican II sanctuary renovations, the mosaic of the Risen Christ replaced what statue?In 1972, the large mosaic of the Risen Christ on the wall behind the altar replaced the statue of St. Clement.
08/14/202213In what year was the St. Vincent de Paul Conference established at St. Clement?The St. Vincent de Paul Conference was established in 1932 at St. Clement Church.
08/21/202214In approximately 100 AD, St. Clement was banished to a work camp of the coast of the Crimean Sea, also known as what present day country?In approximately 100 A.D., St. Clement was banished to a work camp off the Crimean Sea, now known as present day Ukraine.
08/28/202215In what year was St. Clement Church’s Perpetual Adoration Chapel established?The Perpetual Adoration Chapel was established in 1982.
09/04/202216In what year did Fr. Joseph Workman become the pastor of St. Clement Parish?Fr. Joseph Workman became the 7th pastor of St. Clement Parish in 2010.
09/18/202217The Fatima Shrine was built as a Holy Name in what year?