Ministry Leaders

Bryan, Danny, Deacon
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Eucharistic Ministers Mission

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist assist with distribution of Eucharist at Liturgy and to confined parishioners. Practicing Catholics, 18 and older may apply for this Ministry. Attendance at one diocesan training session is required.

As an Eucharistic Minister you will be scheduled to serve at Mass on a regular basis. A schedule is provided every two months. Occasionally you may notice a shortage of Eucharistic Ministers before Communion, please be ready to assist. On Sundays when we have only hosts, we need 3 total ministers. When we also have wine, we need 7 ministers in total. The Deacon counts as one of the 3 or 7. Also, when the choir is singing, we may need a minister for the choir. Ministers can always feel free to check before Mass.

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