1942On March 22, 1942, the first of the “Bishops Collections for War Emergency Relief” was taken up at St. Clement.
In March, 1942, the church organ, which originally was a second-hand purchase from a Masonic Auditorium in Milwaukee was rebuild and enlarged.
1943On June 27, 1943, Rev. Regis Watts, O.F.M. who was a graduate of our school held his first Mass.
In June, 1943, the last item needed to finish our “dream church” was added when Stained Glass Windows were installed. The windows are all original designs and executed by Rambusch Decorating Company of New York.
1944In June, 1944, we organized the Boy Scouts.
From October 13 to 22, 1944, a Solemn Novena for peace was held in honor of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima.
1945In 1945, The Fatima Shrine was built in front of the school as a Holy Name project.
On March 4-20, 1945, the Paulist Fathers conducted our mission.
On July 1, 1945, establishment of St. Mark’s Parish by our Coadjutor Bishop Edward F. Hoban. Nearly 500 families who had been loyal members of St. Clement’s Parish were now to establish the new parish of St. Mark’s.
On September 2, 1945, Official V-J Day, prayers of thanksgiving were offered at all of the masses.
On October 12, 1945, began another Novena n honor of our Lady of Fatima.
On November 12, 1945, establishment of St. Mel’s by our Coadjutor Bishop Edward F. Hoban. Additional loyal members of St. Clement’s Parish were now to establish the new parish of St. Mel’s.
1946On May 19, 1946, we noted a Confirmation.
1947Year after year the good work continued the Convert and Inquiry classes. Nearly 400 converts were received into the Church during the past twenty-five years.
On May 25, 1947, celebrated our Pastor Reverend Joseph J. Schmit’s Ruby Jubilee of his priesthood and the Silver Jubilee of his pastorate. About ninety priests were present at the solemn Pentecost Sunday Mass.
In July, 1947, work began on the new Sisters of Joseph convent next to the school. The contract was let to the C. T. Regan Construction Company at a cost of $90,000.
On November 2 to 23, 1947, mission was conducted by the Jesuit Fathers.
On November 23, 1947, celebrated the Feast Day of our patron, St. Clement.