Holy Communion — By Communion is meant the actual reception of the Sacrament of the Eucharist. As Catholics we believe that the Eucharist is the celebration of Jesus becoming one in substance with the bread and wine. Our reception of Body and Blood join us with the Body and Blood of Jesus and also with everyone who receives the Eucharist. This is the Holy Communion, a communion of us with Jesus and with everyone in the Church.

Ascetic writers speak (a) of a purely sacramental reception; that is, when the Eucharist is received by a person capable indeed of the fruits but wanting in some disposition so that the effects are not produced; (b) of a spiritual reception, that is, by a desire accompanied with sentiments of charity; and (c) of a sacramental and spiritual reception, that is, by those who are in a state of grace and have the necessary dispositions. It is of this kind there is question here. For real reception of the Blessed Eucharist it is required that the sacred species be received into the stomach. For this alone is the eating referred to by our Lord (John, vi, 58). Under the moral aspect will be considered, in reference to Holy Communion: necessity; subject; dispositions. The liturgical aspect will embrace: minister of the sacrament; method of administration.

First Eucharist

The Diocese of Cleveland requires all parishes to provide a Sacrament preparation process separate from the Family Parish School of Religion Program and the Catholic School Program.

We are pleased to offer a preparation program that involves families as they learn about First Holy Communion. Families who are parishioners of Saint Clement Parish and Saint James Parish gather for parent meetings and intergenerational activities for the family to grow in their faith.

First Holy Communion preparation begins in early September with preparation for First Reconciliation.

First Holy Communion is celebrated in May.

From more information please contact Parish Catechetical Leader, Colleen Houk at 216-226-5116 or email pcl.stclementlakewood@gmail.com