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Reverend John F. Sutter

Assignment Position: Pastoral Minister (Deacon) of St. Clement Parish in Lakewood effective 05/31/1980 per Bishop James A. Hickey

Donald W. Lobdell

Assignment From 05/31/1986 To 04/09/1991

Daniel E. Bryan

Assignment Position: Deacon From 07/04/2010 To 07/01/2024

Danny was ordained a Deacon to the Diocese of Cleveland in May 2008; appointed to St. James at ordination until closure and re-assigned to St. Clement in 2010. As a deacon, aside from the ministry at the altar, he works as a member of the RCIA team and the Spiritual Development committee; assists in the preparation of engaged couples; and as needed, assists with funerals, baptisms, and weddings. Retired 07/01/2024 as Deacon.