As we celebrate our 100th year anniversary as a Catholic parish, it is a time for reflection and gratitude for the sacrifices made throughout the past years to beautify, enhance and maintain our church property. We continue to be blessed with generous parishioners who
support the daily needs of the parish, as well as our special projects.

Here at St. Clement Parish, we use music to enhance our Mass and liturgies. It helps us to express our joy in the Lord. A major instrument we use as accompaniment is the church organ. The organ was silent during the pandemic, as singing was discouraged. As we come out of that time, it has become apparent that the organ needs some repairs. Please help during this year’s Giving Catholic campaign to raise the money to repair and upgrade our organ so we and many future generations can continue to enjoy the music of the Mass. Your donation on Giving Tuesday is more important than ever. Our goal is to raise $25,000 to cover this project.

Here is an update on projects from the pandemic years: We continue to work towards completing the lighting and landscape projects. The funds we collected for those projects are set aside and available for those projects. We have been focused on our 100 year celebrations and will return to these projects very soon.

Please support us with your donation on Tuesday, November 29th, by clicking the link below or scanning QR code: