Located South East Quadrant

Purchased by St. Clement Parish under Father Joseph Workman in commemoration of Saint Hedwig Catholic Church in Lakewood, Ohio. Saint Hedwig Parish was dedicated in 1974. When the Lakewood Catholic Clustering was finalized Saint Hedwig’s located at 12901 Madison Avenue was closed and this statue was brought to us and now adorns our church at the south east quadrant of St. Clement Church.

Also known as Eduviges, Eduvijes, Hedwig of Silesia, Hedwig, Queen of Poland ,Jadwiga Memorial on October 16th Profile Daughter of the Duke of Croatia. Aunt of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary. Married Prince Henry I of Silesia and Poland in 1186 at age 12. She and Prince Henry founded the monastery of Cistercian nuns at Trebnitz (near Breslau, now Wroclaw), the first convent of women in Silesia. The convent
was built with the labor of those convicted of crimes.

It was the first of alarge number of such establishments founded by the couple, including houses of Augustinian canons, Cistercian monks, and Dominican and Franciscan friars. Henry also founded the Hospital of the Holy Ghost in Breslau and founded a hospital for female lepers.
Mother of seven. Hedwig always helped the poor, the widows and the orphans, and donated all her fortune to the Church and entered the monastery at Trebnitz after the death of her husband. . She allowed no one to leave her uncomforted, and one time
she spent ten weeks teaching the Our Father to a poor woman.

Born 1174 in Bavaria
Died October 1243 at Trebnitz
Canonized 1266 by Pope Clement IV