St. Clement Music Ministry is looking for singers to join our Funeral Choir. If you have time to  occasionally volunteer in the mornings and like to sing, we could use your voice in our parish Resurrection Choir. The work of the choir is simple, and rehearsals are not needed. You simply show up at the church 30 minutes prior to the funeral, find out hymns requested, and participate in Mass.

While this is a ministry of the church, it is also a precious gift to the family of the deceased.
The purpose of this ministry is to honor our brothers and sisters in Christ by sharing His gift of His Son as prayer. You do not have to be an active member of the weekend choir to join. Funeral Masses are held Monday through Saturday, usually at 10 am.

Please contact Jean Smith at 216-536-8593 if you would like to share in this gift of bringing comfort to families of our parish who have recently lost a dearly loved family member. There is a great spirit of joy and fellowship among those who are involved in our parish music ministry. Please join
us. You will be most welcome!