Dear Brothers and Sisters,
This past Wednesday I was walking through Saint Peter’s Square in Rome, in the rain. I noticed that the Pope’s Wednesday audience was projected on the big screen TVs throughout the square. It was the end of the audience, so I stayed. At the end, he imparted his apostolic blessing to those present and at home, especially to children and the sick. Knowing this, I prayed for the parish communities of Saint Clement and Saint James and offered up our sick parishioners and friends for this blessing.

I later listened to his message. One of the main points of his catechesis was that we walk together on our journey of faith in our blessings and sufferings. Reflecting on this I’ve come to realize how many people journey with me, and I with them. Not just as a priest but also as a child of God. Many prayers were said during this reflection, those of gratitude and fraternal support. This was a great reminder for me that I’m never alone and that I have a responsibility, especially through prayer, to make sure that no one is ever alone.

Community is formed by people coming together. Jesus gathered people from all backgrounds to start his community of believers. This continues to be the mission of the church. I needed Pope Francis’ reminder to recommit myself to this mission. This letter, I hope, gives you a reminder of how you walk together with others. Take some time to reflect on those people who have/are walking with you. Some people may have only walked with you for a very short time, but let us have grateful hearts. And for those that we journey with, through their blessings and struggles, let us recommit to walking with them, even if it’s only through our silent prayer.

Let us remember that we walk with our young people in their faith formation and growth of life. Through prayer and other forms of encouragement, let us support them, their teachers, catechist, and parents as they grow in wisdom and knowledge.  

This week at Saint James an important project started around the school building. They have begun installing a fire suppression system throughout the building. This project required a designated new water line for it supply source, and the paved patio was removed to accommodate this installation. Those pavers are being stored and will be repurposed this spring.

Saint Clement Parish is preparing to celebrate its paternal feast day. On November 20, as we celebrate the Solemnity of Christ the King, we will acknowledge St. Clement’s important role in his proclamation to this reality as successor of St. Peter. After the 4p.m Mass there will be a light reception. On Tuesday, November 23, we will celebrate his feast day with a pastry and coffee reception following the 8 a.m. Mass.

Also, this past Friday, I was wandering the streets of Rome and as, fate should have it, I ran into Archbishop Timothy Broglio, a priest from the Diocese of Cleveland who is the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of the Military Services, USA. He was the homilist at my first Mass and we share the same birthdate but, as he puts it “different years.” Let us remember our service personnel in our prayers, in particular those who minster to their spiritual needs.

We walk with so many people, some we actually know. Let us be mindful of our commitment to journey together.  

Fraternal peace!
Fr. Workman