Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We begin the month of November with two important liturgical celebrations. On November 1 we celebrate the Solemnity of All Saints, a celebration of the multitude of people from all backgrounds that have been identified by the church as examples of inspiration and spiritual support. Their lives, as well as their intercession, are assets that the church offers us for growth in holiness. Possibly due to the pandemic, Pope Francis has not recently raised many individuals to sainthood, while under the previous two pontiffs there were many. Take some time to learn about these wonderful examples of witnessing and living the faith.

On November 2 we celebrate All Souls Day, a special day to remember our personal friends and loved ones that have journeyed to the embrace of our Lord. Let us recall those who have inspired us with hearts of gratitude and love. But more importantly, let’s remember what they taught us. It is also a reminder that we need to pray for the poor and the socially forgotten. We may not know their names or their stories, but we can be advocates on their behalf for God’s mercy.

I believe that both of these celebrations remind us of the importance of witness and intercession. May our lives be great examples to others of our faith, and may we never neglect our responsibility to pray for each other.

Saint of God Pray For Us!
Fr. Workman