Dear Parishioners,

We continue to journey through summer days that challenge us in unique ways. The challenges that stem from the coronavirus have caused dramatic changes in our own lives and the lives of every human person. We are asked to follow guidelines that are at times extremely uncomfortable. If we allow it, the pandemic can easily overwhelm us, but by trusting in the Word that was sown in the soul of our hearts we can overcome any obstacle. Yes, we are required to wear face coverings when in public. And yes, it is hot and humid outside. But that little bit of discomfort can save lives. We plant the seed of compassion and demonstrate our respect for others by doing our part.

Thank you for doing your part in the fight against this virus, especially if you venture out and come to church. Many people have mentioned how much they miss the music at Mass. I miss it, too. Music raises our sense of the divine and unites us in our praise of God. Although we cannot sing, our musical staff is doing a wonderful job of helping us experience Mass through a quieter, more meditative lens. They help us stay focused on that food of Jesus that we are preparing to receive. The joy of music can help us tolerate the uncomfortable masks because the music touches our hearts and unites us in mutual support.

I have great news to share for both parishes! At Saint James, Oster Services Commercial LLC, is supplying the labor, material, equipment, and supervision to clean and stabilize the rectory building. They presented this project to the Parish Finance Council last week at no expense to the parish community. After consultation at that meeting, I have approved this project as a great opportunity for the preservation of that building. They will begin as soon as possible. Thank you to the Oster Team for their generosity!

At Saint Clement, we have received some generous donations for the new green space area. Donations are requested if you are able to give. Also, we will be reinstalling the Fatima statues later this summer. This is another project for which I am seeking donations. Thank you to all who have already offered support.

The heat of the summer is upon us. Let us stay committed to the seed of Christ sown deep in our hearts as we continue to journey these days together.

Peace of Jesus,

Fr. Workman