12 June 2020

Dear Parishioners,

The Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ recalls our intimate union with Jesus. Jesus consecrated unity with his flock through the simple forms of bread and wine. In the Eucharist we encounter God. Through the simplicity of food we are nourished and strengthened for our faith journeys as disciples of the one we consume. The nourishment of the Eucharist helps us to believe and see the workings of God in our personal lives, in the life of the Church, and in our world. In these strange times we are challenged to turn inward and to protect ourselves. However, the Eucharist calls us to Love. This love is different from what we experienced before but is a call none-the-less. As we receive the most precious body, blood, soul, and divinity of Jesus, either physically or through spiritual communion, let us remember that we are disciples of him and are entrusted with spreading His love. With the Holy Spirit as our guide, we can rise to this challenge that Christians have responded to for centuries.

Life around the rectory and church continues to evolve, even during a pandemic. You may have seen the new parking lot striped and ready for use. Remember to enter from Madison Avenue! The older part of the parking lot will be sealed and relined soon. When this is finished, the dumpster will be moved to a more convenient location by the garages. The new green space will be filled with trees, shrubbery, and mulch in a few weeks. Grass is trying to grow, but the weeds are winning for now!! Some people have asked if they can donate something to the plantings in honor of a loved one or their family. The answer is absolutely yes! I have requested a breakdown of the costs of trees and shrubbery and will have that soon. Furthermore, if you are in need of any hostas, you are welcome to come and dig them up. The area by the doors and elevator shaft will also be replanted. First come, first served. Landscaping will begin the week of June 22.

Along with the new landscaping, I received back this week the five statues of the Our Lady of Fatima scene. Michael Butterfield, as an Eagle scout project, removed the statues for us, stored them for the winter, and refurbished them this spring. They look great and will be installed in the new green space later this summer.

Many people have asked about the Pot of Gold drawing. The Pot of Gold and Thanksgiving raffles are our major fundraising activities. I have made the decision to postpone both raffles and to reflect upon how to rebrand and relaunch them both. Although I have not talked specifically with the committees about these raffles, I am proposing that the Pot of Gold drawing start on December 1st, with tickets sold in October and November for the “Saint Clement Daily Drawing” and a special drawing on the feast day of Saint Clement (November 23). The Thanksgiving raffle renamed the “Founding Day Raffle,” will be in the spring and correspond with April 27, the founding date of the parish in 1922. Thank you for your continued support of Saint Clement Parish’s raffles. 

As we continue to reopen and restart parish activities, please use your best judgment in coming to Mass and other activities around the parish and our community. Plans are being made to restart the Saint Clement Chapel, AA group meetings, Community Meals, Boy Scout meetings and other events. This weekend we will offer our last prerecord Mass. A special thank you to Bill Trentel[SF1] [jw2]  for his hard work recording, editing, and posting Mass recordings. Going forward the Saturday Vigil Mass will be provided digitally via livestream and/or video recording.

We all need to personally take responsibility for our own actions and be witnesses to discipleship today. A lot is asked of us that we may not be comfortable with, including social distancing, facial coverings, or hand sanitizing. Please keep in my that we are called to love, and as we receive that gift of love spiritually or physically, Jesus is with us every step of the way!!!

Peace of Christ!!

Fr. Workman