Dear Parishioners,

We celebrate this weekend the fundamental mystery of the Blessed Trinity. This mystery invites us into the intimacy of God. As Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the Trinity pulls and tugs at us to experience the love of God, and through this love to know how to love one another. The Father sent his Son to redeem us and the Spirit to help us believe that Jesus fulfilled the Father’s will so that we can have eternal salvation. In believing in the Son we also believe in the one who sent him, and this belief is guided and enriched by the Holy Spirit. Without this fundamental mystery of God, our personal relationship with God would be lost. God uses this mystery to touch each of our lives in unique and creative ways because we are so precious to Him.

As we unite ourselves to the Trinitarian love, we are challenged to reflect that love toward others. We find our country in a challenging place. Not only are we facing the Covid-19 pandemic, but an evil sore has been unveiled once again. The fight against racism has many great champions that fight faithfully for change and dialog. Unfortunately, some people/groups are capitalizing on peaceful demonstrations in support of equality to incite violence and hatred. God sees all life as precious and redeemable. As a society, and more closely as a faith community, we need to work hard at reflecting this reality of God. Reflecting on the mystery of the Blessed Trinity will guide us to loving all people even when we find it challenging. Let us pray that order and justice prevail quickly, and that fruitful dialog will continue.

It was great to see many of you over the past week for Mass. We are taking our time in an effort to ensure that everyone feels safe when choosing to return to public Mass. It is challenging not to engage with you more, and to see your face covered by masks. However, we follow these guidelines for the common good and the respect we share for each other. For those that continue to have spiritual communion with God and the community at home, please know that we miss you and await your return when you feel the time is right. Wherever you are, engaging the Trinity is where God wants you to be.

These summer months bring about a sense of beauty. For myself, I love to watch the early morning sunrise as I sip my coffee on the front porch. As we enter these months, let us be mindful of the needs of others. Let us not forget to reach out to our neighbors with gestures of warmth and encouragement. Also, remember those that we do not see through our financial support of various charities. I am grateful for your continued financial support of the parish throughout these challenging times. 

In recent weeks we have been praying for those effected in any way by the Corvid-19 virus. Now we are being called to include prayers for peace and justice. Let the Blessed Trinity help us . As we celebrate this great solemnity of the Church, let us reaffirm our commitment to prayer and love for all brothers and sisters.

Peace of Christ, Fr. Workman