Dear Parishioners and Friends,

We hear the angel choirs sing “Glory to God in the highest.” What great joy this acclamation brought to a group of shepherds. It’s a joy we enter into as we celebrate the incarnation of Our Savior. Let us reflect upon that wonder and awe that His birth brought to humanity as we begin this wonderful season of Christmas. Over the past four weeks of Advent, I have mentioned many times about being attentive to the presence of Christ in our everyday lives. As we begin to move through Christmas, let’s not keep that attentiveness to ourselves but rather, like the choir of angels, sing the praises of the Lord to the world so that the joy of this season will continue to inspire all peoples.

On behalf of the entire staff, I wish you a joyful Christmas and may the New Year bring to you continued blessings and good health as you continue to witness the Savior’s abiding presence.

In Christ,
Fr. Joseph G. Workman, Pastor of Saint Clement Parish