Dear Brothers and Sisters,

In this Sunday’s gospel, Peter is asked to move out into deeper waters and cast his nets. At first Peter’s response challenges Jesus’ request, but he concedes and has a profound experience of conversion. Peter put aside his initial reaction, embraced openness, and was amazed by Jesus. How often do we, like Peter, listen to Jesus but when he asks us to extend ourselves, we become reluctant? We don’t respond out of pure faith.

For most of us reluctance comes from our life experiences, as did Peter’s. Our faith response can come from the same place. Take some time this week to reflect upon the experiences that allow you to witness the power of God. Take these to prayer with gratitude and an openness to be transformed by them. Pray that any reluctance that you may have towards God’s will may drift away into that trust which gave Peter the strength to leave everything to follow Jesus.

Winter is in full swing. Remember to check on your friends and neighbors, especially the elderly, during these cold, snowy days.  

Peace of Christ!
Fr. Workman