Dear Brothers and Sister,

In our Gospel this weekend we hear Jesus shares another prediction of his passion, death, and resurrection, challenging the disciples to understand. It won’t be until the gift of the Holy Spirit that they truly understand the significance of these events. After this growth in wisdom, they make these events the core of the Christian faith. Through their preaching on the pascal mystery, the Church is born and spreads across the continents.

The events of Jesus’ passion should always give us moments of reflection and opportunities to grow personally. The passion and resurrection of Jesus should never be simply a nice story that we know by heart from repetition. It should be part of each day’s journey. The crucifix serves as a great reminder of the hope that God offers us and, through us, can offer to others. Let us look upon them often and reflect on this.

A special thank you to all who helped with the wine and cheese event at St. James. It was a beautiful evening of fellowship. These moments of parish life have truly been missed during the pandemic. Help is always needed to make these activities safe and successful.

We continue to evaluate our social and spiritual practices to help people feel safe and comfortable. At this time, we must be creative with our parish activities. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we discern best practices for our parish communities.

Christ Peace!!
Fr. Workman