Dear Brothers and Sisters,
A woman of great faith, with a physical challenge, desired just to touch the clothes of Jesus. As he passes by, she extends her hand to touch his garments. She receives not only a physical healing but also an acclamation by the healer of her great faith. No more information is known about this woman, but for us she is an example of strength and openness to the presence of the Lord. She takes advantage of the present moment to ever so briefly reach out and touch Jesus.

Throughout our days we have many opportunities to touch the Lord. Through prayer and attentiveness to the presence of Christ in others we touch the compassion of the healing Lord who desires us to have great faith.

Many people are struggling and need us to be that healing presence for them. Let us remember that we can offer a garment, in hands reach, for our brothers and sisters in need of healing. Our hearts are saddened by the tragic event in Surfside, Florida. Our prayers are with all impacted. This event is also a reminder that many tragic events happen in the lives of people every day that, while not reported, are still very real. Let us be the garment of hope through our prayerful support where all who suffer may find healing.

May the healing of Jesus comfort us all.

Fr. Workman