Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We live in unique times. With so much technology we have information, products, and interactions with others at the tips of our fingers. While this can certainly be a blessing, it comes with challenges at the same time. Jesus uses figures of speech, primarily parables, to explain the mysteries of our faith. He uses everyday, relatable experiences to get people to think about the kingdom at a deeper level. What analogies would Jesus use today to compare the kingdom of heaven with the experiences of modern life?

We live in a world with an awesome and challenging culture. Everyday we are able to explore, develop, and enhance our relationship with God and others. During some parts of our day God gives us a bright light that shines the way in witnessing to the kingdom. To be a living parable for others is to be inspired in the life of faith. Unfortunately, other parts of our days recall our human challenge of being that example of faith. The good news is that despite us, Jesus can use our life for building the kingdom. The Holy Spirit helps us persevere in our faith, allowing it to be a source of strength that nurtures the seed of faith in our brothers and sisters.

I offer you a simple reflection for the week: Take a step back and reflect on the ordinary, everyday, and even the challenging parts of your day. How is God explaining the mystery of the kingdom through your day-to-day life? How is your life a parable about the kingdom?

May the Joy of the kingdom guide our lives of faith.

Fr. Workman