Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As we journey through this Christmas season, we encounter the gifts of the Magi. Scripture identifies them as gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Each gift is offered in response to the gift in front of them, the infant Jesus. The Magi respond with joy as they encounter the presence of God. We also journey with gifts to offer as we encounter the presence of God in each other. Our simple acts of kindness serve as our gifts and reflect our response to the presence of God in each recipient.

We each have gifts to offer. As we begin a new calendar year, we take time to reflect on the gifts that we prepare to offer. Are they truly gifts from the heart that express our acknowledgement of the presence of God in the recipient? This type of reflection may open our eyes to the gifts that we receive.

The story of the Magi reminders us of journeying to “see.” They followed the star in the hopes of encountering a king, and with open hearts and minds they received the gift for which they had searched. Do we journey to “see”? And what do we follow on this journey that guides the way? As we move through these winter months, let us commit to seeing the gift of God’s presence in each other and courageously follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit to be the gifts that God made us to be.

Christmas Joy!

Fr. Workman