“Many are invited but few are chosen.” (Mt 22:14)

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

In the Fall season we receive a special reminder that God has control over all creation. Through the changing of colors of the leaves we stand back with wonder and awe at such a beautiful process that calls each of us to lift our spirits to the things of God. Yes, science can explain the process of why and how the trees’ leaves change, but the affect that process has on us is unexplainable scientifically, only by faith. Let us never miss an opportunity to lift our souls, even though we know that eventually we will have to get the rakes out.

In the parable this Sunday we are reminded that there is a banquet ready for us. We are constantly being invited to the feast that God provides. We hear that the king sent his servants to invite whomever they find to the celebration. Many are invited to experience this celebration, the good and bad alike, and expectations are placed on anyone who accepts the invitation. We are invited to celebrate beauty in the power of nature. What expectations do that celebration of beauty impose on us?

The main expectation is to be a reflection of what we celebrate. Each of us is created in the image and likeness of the transcendent beauty of God. Coming to the feast we need to put on the wedding garment of our faith and reflect the beauty of God in the way we care for each other. By doing so we can bring beauty to the good and bad alike. We, in turn, become the ones the king sends out to invite more guests to the feast. Our daily journey needs to always reflect the beauty of our faith in God. There is always room for one more at God’s table.

I express my appreciation for the many kind cards, emails, and words of support as I continue with my cancer treatment. Your prayers and support keep me in good spirits as I navigate treatments and multiple doctors’ appointments. Thank you very much.

In the next two months you will be encouraged to respond with financial support to a particular need at the parish on Giving Tuesday. Both parishes will once again participate in “We Give Catholic” on December 1st. More than during past years this program is being viewed as an essential fundraising effort. Due to the pandemic, many of our fundraisers have be put on hold. This includes ticket raffles and fish fries. This loss of income has left us unable to do extra ordinary work around the parishes. I am deeply grateful for your continued support of the parish with your regular offertory contributions. This keeps us stable and able to support essential parish activities, especially P.S.R. and Lakewood Catholic Academy. Unfortunately, it leaves us little to upgrade the church properties. We are anticipating a lot of need as the pandemic persists and throughout the holiday season. Please consider supporting your local parish. More information on the designated projects will be forth coming.

I tell a friend of mine often to be sure to get some fresh air. I plan to do the same! Please don’t let these days pass you by without seeing God’s beauty through the eyes of faith.

Peace of Christ!

Fr. Workman