Feast of Saint James

Dear Parishioners,

Each day we hear about the increase in coronavirus cases, hospitalizations, and unfortunate deaths. This virus has touched every part of our society and all parts of the world. So where is the pearl of great price? We know that in our own country and globally there are talented men and women working overtime to create a vaccine that will put an end to this crisis. Although the crisis has no immediate end, together we pray that governments and companies will ensure that when this pearl is found it will be available to all peoples.

Just as the gospel message is a message of hope for all people, so should be the arrival of a vaccine. We often see the phrase “We are in this together.” I believe it’s important that we view the solution to this crisis as a global partnership. However, there are other parts of our world that are just now realizing the gravity of this situation and some parts that are hiding its effects. As a powerful country that has been hit hard by this viral enemy, we still have an obligation to care for our brothers and sisters, especially those in developing countries. Let us pray that as we work to recover physically, financially, and socially, that we can also be a source of support for other countries. This is a critical time for us and them, but working together we can rebuild a world where humanity can thrive and prosper.

On a local level, Parish Pastoral Councils will be meeting next week to discuss parish life moving forward during the pandemic. As you may realize, most parish activities and groups have been on hold for the past few months. Some groups have been granted permission to meet again contingent on providing the parish with documented safety protocols for their meetings and cleaning procedures. Most groups meeting now are not directly related to parish life activities. As we move through this pandemic, I believe it’s vital that these other committees begin to meet again to discuss and develop our new understanding of parish life.

Once again, I would like to thank everyone for their support of our parish community. Financially, each parish is holding its own. The use of online giving has increased, and for that I warmly thank you. Because of this we can continue to support Catholic education. Lakewood Catholic Academy is preparing to reopen in the fall, and I invite you to visit their website to view their plans to ensure the safety of students, families, and staff. Our Parish School of Religion will continue to provide parents with resources to help form our students in the faith. Education of our youth is vital to our growth as a functioning society. No matter if its private or public education, please join with me in praying for those administrators and teachers who are discerning the best practices to educate our children in a safe and healthy environment.

This week we close the month of July. Next month we pray that we will know more about this virus and how best to contain it. Let us not let our guard down. We are in this together to find the pearl of great price.

Christ’s Peace.

Fr. Workman