ON SALE NOW! Before and after every Mass.

A single Pot of Gold raffle ticket (just $10.00!) provides 324 chances to win between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016. Every Monday through Saturday, a ticket is drawn for a $25.00 prize; and a $100 prize winner is drawn on the first Sunday of each month. All winning tickets are put back into the drawing for additional chances to win!

Tickets are available in the Gathering Area after every Mass, or at the Rectory throughout the week. Give tickets as gifts for birthdays, graduations, to a neighbor or friend, or keep them for yourself. A Pot of Gold raffle ticket is the gift that keeps on giving FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR!

If you sell 10 tickets (to friends, co-workers, family) you will be automatically enrolled in the 10% Club, which entitles you to a special drawing of 10% of the net profits divided into 10 equal prizes. If you sell 20 tickets, you will receive two chances to win in the 10% Club, and as a bonus you will receive 1 extra raffle ticket.

Your continued support of St. Clement Parish through this raffle has made it possible to fund numerous projects.

Thank you to those who have picked up their tickets already and are beginning to sell.

We appreciate your continued support of our parish!!