From October 5th through November 30th, we will be conducting the Grateful Giving Offertory Enhancement Program.

We are blessed by God and know that we, in turn, are called by God to bless others!

Through your participation we have accomplished much good ministry at St. Clement,
and it is only through your continued participation that we can continue those good efforts!

“It is for Christians a duty and an honor to give back to God a portion of the goods they have

received from Him.” (Decree on the Apostolate of the laity, 10)

Grateful Giving is an all-inclusive, offertory enhancement program managed between the parish and our program partner, Cathedral Corporation. The program is designed to successfully:

  • provide immediate offertory enhancement with 100% of increased revenue benefitting the parish; and
  • provide on-going formation efforts for teaching stewardship as a way of life, in conjunction with the Diocesan Stewardship Office; critical to growing an engaged Church.