St. Clement Parish is located in beautiful historic Lakewood, Ohio on Lincoln Avenue (just north of I-90 west). It established on April 27, 1922, to help meet the needs of Lakewood’s growing Catholic population. The parish celebrated its first Mass in the lower-level of the new church building on December 25, 1922. The upper-church was completed by April of 1923 and the first Mass celebrated there on Easter Day, April 1, 1923.


In September of 1924, St. Clement School opened its doors to 350 students under the direction of the Sisters of St. Joseph. Our 1927 addition to the school more than doubled its original size with eight rooms and a gymnasium. In 1947, a convent was built on church premises for 18 Sisters of St. Joseph. In 1958, six more classrooms were added onto the thriving school. In September of 1958 another addition of six classrooms was built which comprised the junior high. After many successful years of providing quality Catholic education to its children, St. Clement School merged with the schools of St. Luke and St. James parishes in August of 2005 to become Lakewood Catholic Academy serving kindergarten through 8th grade. In 2020 our convent and school buildings were demolished.


St. Clement continues the tradition of offering multiple and varied opportunities for spiritual growth and social interaction under the leadership of Father Joseph Workman. Father Workman was appointed January 1, 2010; and, on February 6, was installed as the 7th pastor of St. Clement Parish by Bishop Richard Lennon.

Father Workman comes to us from St. Augustine in Barberton, OH where he served as Parochial Vicar from June 3, 2008 – December 31, 2009. During that period, he was also Administrator for St. Cyril Methodius Parish in Barberton from December 3, 2008 – June 30, 2009. Following those appointments, Sacred Heart of Jesus in Wadsworth, OH benefited from his leadership from July 1, 2009 – December 2009.

Altar Versions

The first altar of St. Clement Church was a copy of the marble altar of St. Clement Church in Rome. This altar was carved from wood and installed in 1923. A painting, The Martyrdom of Saint Clement, Pope and Martyr, painted by Miss India Kreider from southeast Pennsylvania was the centerpiece of the original altar. What became of the painting is a mystery today.

1931 marked the year in which all the wood decor within the church was replaced with stone, including the altars. The Byzantine-style statue of St. Clement that served as the altar centerpiece is now located in front of the choir loft. Also updated at this time were the side altars. The Gospel-style altar, dedicated to the Blessed Virgin and the Epistle-style altar, dedicated to St. Joseph each had new statues, matching the St. Clement statue. These were carved from wood harvested from Oberammuergau, a village in southern Germany known for exceptional wood carving as well as the passion plays. Both statues currently reside above the Gospel-style altar.

The third altar was a wooden altar that was moveable and rested at the edge of the Predella, not fixed at the back wall of the sanctuary as the previous two had. It was meant as a transitional altar while the church underwent a large-scale renovation to meet the requirements of the new liturgical directive. The third altar served until the installation of the current altar in the earlies 70’s; the renovation was complete in 1972.

Our current altar and the altar of repose, which is installed at the back wall of the sanctuary, repurposed the marble communion rails that were formerly located at the front of the sanctuary. Sculpted from an ornate purple-gray marble imported from either Turkey or Italy, they continue to adorn the sanctuary. The centerpiece of the wonderful altar is the Risen Christ mosaic. The color palette and subject matter is styled after the mosaics of St. Clement Church in Rome.

Additional Details

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To become a member of our parish community, please call the parish office (216.226.5116) for an appointment to register. Anyone over 18 years of age, still living at home, should register as a single adult.


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